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Cybercriminals can find vulnerabilities in devices that most of us might not even consider to be vulnerable. For instance, when Joe Biden moved into the White House in January, even his smart exercise bike was deemed too much of a security risk.
Potential security risks are prevalent with smart devices being difficult to manage in the office environment due to their different standards. Devices can have basic security protocols, making access easy to vast amounts of data.Microphones, cameras, and devices that record location can open up a window to all types of industrial espionage and an open WiFi network can allow for an outsider to access your business network.
Hackers are innovative and always find ways to get into your IoT devices. The best way to counter this is to always be prepared for an attack. Detecting breaches and securing your network and devices ensures that you can cut off a hack before it gets any further.
Convenience, efficiency and productivity
Convenience, efficiency and productivity

Offices have to ensure that they have the best possible security protocols for their network and IoT devices and prevent the risks of future cyber attacks.Devices can have basic security protocols, making access easy to vast amounts of data.

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Let's protect now
Let's protect now

43% of businesses have experienced cyber security breaches or attacks in the last 12 months. However whilst this is the case, a vast 73% of businesses do not have any cyber security policy or policies.

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