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Cyber Services Offered:

We provide the next generation security of tomorrow. With ACS Teams we shift your focus through the eyes of a hacker. We give you the scoop on all the public information, our platform gathers and uses those to rate on how many vulnerabilities you have and provide you with solutions to fix them. Our platform helps give you that competitive edge of having another perspective.

Strategy and Governance

  • Cyber maturity Audit (Pre)
  • Compliance Audit
  • Cyber security strategy/target operating model development
  • CISO metrics and reporting
  • Information governance and privacy
  • Third-party security risk management
  • Business resilience

Cyber Defense

  • Technical Audit
  • Application security
  • Security operations and monitoring (SEIM+SOC)
  • Security analytics
  • Insider threats
  • Penetration tests
  • Red/Blue Teams

Cyber response

  • Incident response readiness and planning
  • Digital investigations and remediation
  • Threat intelligence & forensics


  • IAM
  • Security governance, risk management and compliance (GRC)
  • Technology integration
  • Training & Education
  • Workshops


Leo faucibus, egestas

Offices Protection
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Offices Protection
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Smart Home
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Website Protection
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Our team
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Support 24/7
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Our Teams

ACS Cyber Security Team’s services allow you to shift the burden of protecting your network from these criminals on us – we worry about your information security whilst you drive forward your core business.

Hosting providers
Security companies
Private companies and clients
Software development companies
Verifying the security of your Internet-facing web applications is an ever-more crucial aspect of information security. It is often required for regulatory compliance and most importantly, to provide the reassurance that your organisation is doing everything it can to protect its data and that of its customers.
The starting point of an effective penetration test is understanding the infrastructure to be scanned and tailoring the techniques used to match. As part of our service we can provide a trained, certified penetration tester to augment the automatic scanning.
Automated Vulnerability Scanning throughout the year probes your infrastructure and web applications using knowledge gained in the initial scans on a scheduled, monthly basis.After each scan, you will receive a report in which any newly detected vulnerabilities are explained.
pricing is simple at 1800 TND per year for the first web application (infrastructure scanning included) and 1200 TND per year for each additional web app. Optional manual testing is based on a flat rate per day.